Part of the ACM IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, June 17-23, 2007 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Effective and efficient access to relevant digital resources is one of the key challenges in digital libraries. Contextualized attention metadata (CAM) capture the attention that a user spends on such resources in a specific context. CAM enables us to better support the user in dealing with the information flood. Using CAM, filters can be devised that present new information only in the relevant context, for example by prioritizing incoming email based on the attention previously given to the topics of the email. Furthermore, CAM data can extend and amend user profiles thus enhances personalization in existing systems. CAM streams are collected from all applications that a user may interact with, including digital libraries, office suites, web browsers, multimedia players, computer-mediated communication and authoring tools, etc.

The workshop intends to bring together researchers and practitioners from relevant communities (digital libraries, information systems, personalization, information retrieval, database systems, data mining, user modeling, psychology and technology enhanced learning, etc.) to share their knowledge, results and expertise about their research on attention metadata. In general, the workshop aims to foster and improve collaboration between communities, e.g. by discussing relevant cross-disciplinary research approaches for attention metadata. In more detail, the workshop aims to discuss suitable algorithms, techniques, technologies, architectures and designs to merge and process attention metadata. And finally, the workshop aims to evaluate the current status and progress of work on attention metadata in general and contextualized attention metadata specifically.

Workshop on Contextualized Attention Metadata: personalized access to digital resources

CAMA 2007 June 23, 2007

Keynote Speakers

- Seth Goldstein, Co-Founder and Chairman of

- Wayne Hodgins, Strategic Futurist, Director of Worldwide Learning Strategies, Autodesk Inc.